new spring cupcake flavor combinations


I love to use the blog as a vehicle for documenting new flavors we make at Enjoy Cupcakes.  However, I admit that I've been neglecting that step these last couple weeks.  The doctor's warning of a possible early baby arrival propelled Kevin & I into get ready for baby mode...both of our businesses and home life went into full preparation mode.  We've been working long days and trying to stay 20 steps ahead.  In summary, the blog has suffered.  But thank goodness for our iPhone cameras!  We were able to still document some of the new treats...

First up ~ Blackberry Lime Thyme Chardonnay...Chardonnay cake, filled with blackberry lime thyme curd, topped with lime frosting, more curd (it was too pretty to just put inside the cupcakes) & sugared lime zest.

Raspberry Watermelon (it's the cupcake pictured in the center)...Vanilla cake, filled with raspberry watermelon curd, topped with raspberry frosting.

Chocolate Peanut Cobbler...Chocolate salted peanut cobbler cake, filled with peanut butter mousse, topped with chocolate glaze.

Citrus Hibiscus...Chardonnay cake, filled with tangerine and lemon hibiscus curd, topped with lemon frosting, more curd and sugared tangerine zest.


Coral cupcake trailer at Rancho Pueblos wedding


Wedding season has officially kicked in at Enjoy Cupcakes and Coral the cupcake trailer has a busy schedule ahead of her :)  Below are some photographs, taken by the amazing Braedon Flynn, of one of Coral's first debuts at a wedding at one of our favorite venues - Rancho Dos Pueblos.  You'll notice that we were able to roll her right into the barn!

Tricia Fountaine was the master behind the decor and florals and I love the seamless combonation of the retro trailer with the rustic setting & accents.

You can see more of Katelyn and Eric's magical wedding day featured here on Grey Likes Weddings


San Francisco inspiration = 400 cupcake flavors


There were two things on Opal's list of "to-do's" before her little bro comes...San Francisco & Disneyland.  We checked SF of the list last week (and had a blast in the process)!  We rode the ferry, ate yummy treats at the Ferry Building, walked over the Golden Gate bridge, visited the Disney Museum, had dinner at our favorite spot, Tacolicious, ate breakfast at our other favorite spot, Squat & Gobble, rode "100 cabs" (as Opal says), stayed in a funky, semi-spooky B&B, did some antique shopping and drank lots of delicious coffee (& we were only there for 2 days!).

Whenever we visit SF we always return to the quaint little Valley we live in, full of culinary inspiration.  We reached our offering of 400 cupcake flavors last week with these SF inspired treats ~

Strawberry Jalapeño Chardonnay...Chardonnay cake, filled with strawberry jalapeno "goo", topped with strawberry frosting & more "goo".  This flavor was inspired by one of the house-made jams at Squat & Gobble.

Mexican Chocolate Glazed Pecan...chocolate cake, filled with toffee sauce, topped with Mexican chocolate glaze, candied pecans and cinnamon toffee glaze.  This flavor was inspired by an amazing piece of Mexican chocolate pecan pie we shared at the Green Chili Kitchen

In close, here's one of my favorite pics from our big city adventure (we basically walked from Sausalito back to SF and Opal's little legs got a bit tired)!


diy easter eggs + cadbury cream egg cupcake


Opal's been counting down the days until easter and for us to decorate some easter eggs.  In preperation for our little egg decorating party,  I scoured the internet for some fun ways for us to execute...

washi tape

watercolor eggs

decoupage eggs

ombre eggs

I'm going to be sure to make some extra Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes for our party snack! 

We have the perfect Easter packaging for this flavor...


pineapple rosemary chardonnay


Each week we introduce at least one new flavor in our shop and while some are interesting, fun and maybe a bit out there, others totally win over our customers and clearly must be added to the "most popular flavor list".  Last week the Pineapple Rosemary Chardonnay flavor was the first to sell out each day and evoked responses from our customers that we haven't seen since we introduced our second most popular flavor 3 years ago...the Ginger Lime Chardonnay.  So meet it's new rival ~

Chardonnay cake, filled with pineapple rosemary curd, topped with sweet cream cheese frosting and a little dollop of pineapple rosemary curd.


from cupcake to cake ~ chocolate dipped salted almond butter


Translating this cupcake to a cake was very fun and I was excited to do it because I knew that no matter what it looked like, it would be completely decadent & yummy!

Chocolate Dipped Salted Almond Butter...chocolate cake, filled with sea salt spiked almond butter mousse, topped with vanilla bean frosting and then dipped in dark chocolate sauce.

The cake featured all the same components...3 layers of chocolate cake with 2 layers of fluffy, salted  almond butter mousse inbetween, coated with vanilla frosting and then glazed with dripping, warm dark chocolate sauce!


ingredient spotlight...raspberries


I love the this segment of our blog because I am blown away everytime by the power & benefits of food.  Raspberries are no exception.  I tend to assosiate the fruit with dessert, sweetness and indulgence (they aren't typcially an inexpensive ingredient).  Now my perception is different - they are powerful, potent and extremelly beneficial!  The below cupcake is topped with a super concentrated house-made raspberry sauce.  I overheard Kevin telling customers all week that he could drink the stuff...

Raspberry morning bun...vanlla cinnamon sugar cake, filled with honey mascarpone mousse, topped with sweet cream cheese frosting and raspberry sauce

Ok, so here are a handful of reasons why raspberries are so amazing ~ 

Raspberries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the plant kingdom (raspberries possess almost 50% higher antioxidant activity than strawberries, three times that of kiwis, and ten times the antioxidant activity of tomatoes).  They also have one of the highest fiber levels of any fruit.  And for all you pregnant women out there, raspberries contain fragine, which is known to strengthen the uterus.  The pretty little berries are also high in ellagic acid, which aids the liver in eliminating toxins and also helps relieve morning sickness!  One more random raspberry benefit, they provide natural protection from the sun’s harmful rays.


happy April


Simply drag the calendar image to your desktop, set to print at "landscape" and Enjoy (the file size is 10.75 x 5")!

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