900 cupcakes...oh my!

My sweet Grandpa told me on Sunday that I looked like a cupcake...maybe it's because I had just baked 900 of them!!!  I think the popular saying, "you are what you eat", should be, "you are what you make!"  

Enjoy cupcakes made 900 cupcakes for a group of very fun people at Bridlewood Estate Winery. The  Guests enjoyed chocolate blackberry syrah, vanilla bean chardonnay & caramel mocha cupcakes.  

The vanilla bean chardonnay cake and frosting were infused with Bridlewood Monterey County Chardonnay.

My sweet uncle (yes, he takes after my sweet Grandpa) asked me if I use instant coffee in the mocha cupcakes.  I replied, "no, I use fresh brewed shots of green star organic, fair trade coffee"...does it get any better than that?

The chocolate blackberry syrah cake was "spiked" with Bridlewood Central Coast Syrah.


honey Easter bunny cupcake!

New cupcake flavor in celebration of Easter!  Opal and her bunny friend are URGING you to come eat the honey Easter bunny cupcake...a moist vanilla cake, injected with a creamy honey filling, topped with cream cheese frosting and drizzled lemon honey.


everyday is cupcake day!

You can now have Enjoy cupcakes every week.  Our storefront is open Thurs through Sun from 11:00 to 6:30 & special orders are baked daily.  Please come visit us at 2971 Grand Ave. Los Olivos, Ca (inside the Saarloos & Sons tasting lounge) or give us a call with your special order * 805.451.0284.


banana lemon cream!

Another new addition to our menu...a lemon zest cake with a banana cream pie filling and tangy lemon icing.  Kevin and Alan’s new favorite!


cupcake day in Los Olivos

On 2/28 we had “cupcake day” at Saarloos & Sons “house” tasting lounge in Los Olivos (Santa Ynez Valley).  It was super fun!   A fellow blogger (sweet remembrance) posted these pics and I just had to “steal” them (I was too busy to take good pics myself that day).   I got a lot of inquires about the “lollicakes”...”what are those???”




They are my recycled approach to baking!  All cupcakes have the centers cored out to allow generous room for gooey & whippy fillings, so I make cupcakes on a stick with the excess!




 The second fav of the day was the Pomegranate Chardonnay (made with S&S “Daughters” wine)... Chocolate Blackberry Syrah cupcake was #1.



new kitchen, new cupcake, new blog!

Enjoy cupcakes blog is finally born, an outlet for posting new flavors, events, dessert experiments, foodie ramblings, etc.  I spent the wee hours of the morning working in a  new (to me!) kitchen.  The goal - experiment and get familiar with the ovens.  The result - a fairly ugly, yet delicious butterscotch, fudge, caramel cupcake!  A brown sugar cake with a rich, silky, fudge filling, butterscotch sour cream frosting, topped with fudge & caramel drizzles!  Enjoy.


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