When I was a little girl, “grown-ups” always asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  I faithfully answered, “a baker!”  I was very determined and started my professional journey at the age of fifteen.  I began my day at 4:00 am, working as a pastry chef intern at a five star hotel before attending school.  I continued on working for established, respected bakeries and was educated in the art of baking.  After college I was lured by art & design and worked for 7 years as a design studio manager for the Flavia Co. in Santa Barbara, California.  I also worked alongside my husband, facilitating corporate events, for nearly 8 years. 15 years later I am doing what I proclaimed to do as a child...I am a baker, never losing my passion!  

Enjoy Cupcakes was established April 1st 2009 and currently has one storefront location in Los Olivos and one in Santa Barbara, CA where I am continually inspired by local produce, flavors, wines and respect for food.  I take advantage of the ingredients that grow in my yard and what the local farmers are offering for sale.  Check out our menu page to see this week's flavors or view our flavors page for a complete list of flavors.

photo by Alexandra Wallace