lavender styled bridal shoot with S'Wonderful Photography


We drive by the beautiful lavender fields at Clairmont Farms almost daily.  We use their culinary lavender in all of our lavender infused cupcake flavors.  My daughter even carries a lavender sachet in her backpack because she loves the smell so much.  So when Lizzie Metcalf of S'Wonderful Photography asked for some lavender inspired treats for a styled bridal shoot at Clairmont Farms, I was in.  

You can see images from the entire shoot featured on Brides.com & also on Lizze's blog!


new rich cupcakes


Fall is finally in the air after months full of hot days.  The asphalt is wet with rain and on my run yesterday I could actually see my breath.  We've been featuring lots of pumpkin, spice, pomegranate, apple and cobbler cupcake flavors since September, but this week it finally feels appropriate to indulge in rich fall cupcakes so here's what's new on our menu this week ~


cinco de mayo wedding with coral


Coral has been very busy, making her sweet rounds to some amazing weddings this season.  One of her first trips of the season was to Coquelicot Vineyard for a fun Cinco De Mayo wedding.  Photos below by Natalie Moser Photography.

See full wedding post here 


catch up...


I've had to take a bit of a blogging break since Foster was born, but I feel like I'm finally coming up for air (mainly because my stretches of sleep are lasting on average a minimum of 2 hours, rather than a max of 2 hours) and am excited to keep blogging about new flavors, events, flavor boards, ingredient spotlights, etc.  But before I introduce new things, I have a little catching up to do...below you'll find a synopsis of the new flavors we've featured over the last 2 months ~

Strawberry Brown Sugar ~ Vanilla bean cake, filled with a brown sugar, brown butter toffee sauce, topped with strawberry frosting and house made strawberry syrup

Chocolate Salted Pecan Mousse ~ Chocolate cake, filled with pecan butter mascarpone mousse, topped with chocolate frosting & salted candied pecans

Vanilla Chili Lime Pistachio ~ Vanilla cake, filled with chili lime curd, topped with pistachio frosting and chili lime pistachios

Olallieberry Peanut Butter ~ Vanilla bean cake, with an olallieberry filling, topped with peanut butter frosting and ground peanuts

Chocolate Cinnamon ~ Chocolate cinnamon cake, filled with cinnamon mascarpone mousse, topped with chocolate frosting & cinnamon sugar

Lavender Peach ~ Vanilla cake, filled with house-made lavender peach jam, topped with vanilla frosting & lavender peach jam

Candy Bar ~ Chocolate cake, filled with chocolate mousse, topped with vanilla frosting, butterscotch ganache, caramel and chopped chocolate

Blueberry Vanilla ~ Vanilla cake, filled with house-made blueberry jam, topped with blueberry frosting and vanilla bean glaze

Peanut Butter Mocha Mousse ~ Chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter espresso mousse, topped with chocolate glaze & chopped salted peanuts

Lemon Coconut Cream ~ Vanilla cake, filled with lemon curd, topped with coconut frosting and housemade coconut syrup


some recent cakes



olallieberry season


flavor board #40

We get very excited at during this time each year because the olallieberries are in season.  There are only about 4 weeks out of the year that we can get our hands on these yummy things!  This week we featured an olallieberry cobbler cupcake...cobbler cake, filled with fresh olallieberries and cream, topped with olallieberry frosting.  Next week will be the end of the season so we plan on having another OB flavor...any ideas??? 

The berries look like blackberries until you smoosh them up!  They then go from dark purple to a super vibrant dark pink color that's so beautiful, which is why I couldn't resist putting together an olallieberry colored flavor board ~

olallieberry cobbler cupcake, pink chair, olallieberries, pink flowers, olallieberry smoothie


perfect timing


meet Foster Roy

During my pregnancy I got a necklace from Lisa Leonard with Eccles. 3:1 engraved on it as a reminder that everything happens in God’s perfect timing and our little boy, Foster Roy, is a testament to that. I got pregnant two summers ago, and we were a little worried about how we would juggle everything.  Just as we started settling into the idea of another baby, I went to my first apt at 11 weeks and found out that we would not be having a baby.  It was extremely sad, but then almost exactly a year later, we were blessed with the news of me being pregnant again.  I'm thinking that God knew we needed a year PLUS 9 months to prepare for a new addition to our family.

As Foster’s birth approached we thought we had it all timed perfectly.  However about a month before his due date, my doctor instructed me to get my hospital bags packed and be prepared for him to come early.  My parents picked a random day to come to town earlier than originally planned so that they could possibly be here for the birth and to help out.  Well…they just so happened to roll into town about 2 hours before my water broke!  Kevin had to leave town for a short business trip the day after Foster was born so their company was essential and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  It was also ironic that Foster was born on a Tuesday before the only weekend between then and November that we don’t have any weddings booked.  He came into our lives at the absolute perfect time and I’m so humbled that God is so concerned about every detail and minute of our lives.

My beautiful & graceful friend Meg Fish took these precious photos of Foster.

Photos (c) Meg Fish for www.lovegiveswings.com


old school week


After 3 years of constant experimenting (not a week as gone by since we opened in April 2009 where we haven't introduced at least one new flavor), we're bringing back tried & true customer favorites this week.  Here they are:

photo by Jose Villa

Chocolate Blackberry Syrah ~ Chocolate syrah cake, filled with dark chocolate fudge, topped with blackberry frosting and a syrah soaked blackberry that's rolled in sugar crystals

photo by Jose Villa

Ginger Lime Chardonnay ~ Chardonnay cake layered with buttery, ginger crust, filled with lime curd, topped with chardonnay frosting, & sugared lime zest

photo by Jose Villa

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee ~ Vanilla bean cake filled with crème brulee, topped with fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting and adorned with caramelized sugar

Raspberry Cheesecake ~ Vanilla graham cracker cake, filled with whipped cheesecake, topped with sweet cream cheese frosting & raspberry sauce

"Un" Red Velvet ~ Cocoa, buttermilk cake filled with Vanilla Honey Mascarpone Mousse, topped with cream cheese frosting

Ridiculous ~ Chocolate cake, filled with vanilla bean caramel, topped with peanut butter frosting, caramel and dark chocolate sauce