summer peach & white chocolate cheesecake!

As we were trying to think up a new vanilla cake based flavor this week, Kevin was adamant about incorporating white chocolate...I am a HUGE chocolate lover, but I don't get too excited about white chocolate - however, I caved!  So come on by this weekend and try the Vanilla White Chocolate Cheesecake cupcake!  It's a vanilla bean cake, baked with vanilla mascarpone cheesecake inside, topped with a white chocolate frosting and white chocolate shavings.

We also have a fresh summer peach cobbler cupcake - so yummy!   It's a vanilla cake, baked with a buttery cobbler topping, filled with fresh chopped peaches & pastry cream, topped with vanilla bean frosting, more cobbler topping and a fresh peach glaze.

And back by popular request is the Boston Cream Pie cupcake!




still standing...

This week we had the privilege of making cupcakes for a wedding dress rehearsal, high school graduation party, baby's first b-day, birthday party and another birthday spa party.   We (well mostly me, because cupcake man had another gig for his team building business) made 1678 cupcakes in less than 24 hours.  It's such an honor to participate in these special occasions through our desserts!

Here are some pics of our cupcake trailer at the spa party birthday celebration on Saturday.  The funky gig, with trailers serving as spa treatment rooms (how creative!), was hosted by Jennifer Jaqua.  

I adore Jaqua Beauty products and have been using the scrumptious body butters for years.  It was awesome to make cupcakes that taste like Jaqua products smell!


In the midst of all the special events, we also featured 2 new flavors at the Enjoy Cupcakes storefront!  The sugar daddy was the hit of the week & of course was, "Alan's pick". 

 A vanilla bean cake, filled with house made vanilla bean caramel and a carmel cream cheese swirled frosting.

The second new addition was the black forest

Chocolate buttermilk cake, filled with a fluffy vanilla mousse, topped with a dollop of cream cheese frosting and an agave nectar soaked cherry!

Now it's time for me to take a day off and try to be as care-free as my daughter!


cupcake flavor inspirations....

Rootbeer float?


Many of our customers want to know how / why we come up with certain flavors and the answers are endless!   Our brains never rest from thinking about what the next week's flavors will be!  I am so consumed that I even got inspired for a new frosting application while walking down State St. in Santa Barbara & seeing a woman's super funky, spiky hairstyle. If you have ideas, requests or if you are craving a flavor we've had in the past, don't be shy...PLEASE email or call me.  I want to hear from you!  

This past week we featured a rootbeer float cupcake, inspired by Kevin's (cupcake man) fond childhood memories of consuming the nostalgic indulgence.  The cupcake would not be complete w/o a puddle of rootbeer on top!


Little Helper

This week Opal helped me pick the olallie berries and lemons for 2 new cupcake flavors.   I thought it would be fun to bring her with me, but neglected to realize that she would be in berry heaven and sneak all the merchandise!  She pranced through the rows of berries chanting, "more berry, more berry!"

Come on by this week and try the Olallie Berry Rosé Cupcake!

Rosé infused cake, with a creamy olallie berry filling, topped with fresh olallie berry frosting (the amazing pink color is purely from the yummy berries!).  And while you're here, check out the lemon drop cupcake!


Our new sign is UP! 

Hopefully you can find us easier now!


In celebration of the mommy to be

A baby shower!  


The shower was hosted by design genius, Heather Saarloos and catered by the Los Olivos Cafe.

Check out this table decor!!!


For party favors, I made aqua and yellow lollicakes (chocolate & vanilla) to coordinate with the happy color scheme and I served Champagne cupcakes to go along with the bubble theme.


Produce or Cupcakes - how about both?

We set up the Enjoy Cupcake trailer at the Gainey Farmer's Market and had a blast, listening to live music, smelling the amazing lavender at the booth next to us and talking with the customers.


The "Un" Red Velvet Cupcake

In response to popular request, we've created our own version of the famous red velvet cupcake.

As I am sure you can observe - it's not red!  At Enjoy Cupcakes, we don't use any artificial flavors or colors in our cupcakes so we made the "un" red velvet cake (this one's for you Johnny and Suzie!).  It's a cocoa, buttermilk cake, filled with vanilla honey mascarpone mousse, topped with cream cheese frosting.  Come on in and try it...if it's not the best "un" red velvet cake you've ever had, we'll give you your $ back!!!