blueberry, pistachio, apple & banana...

are some of the things that go into this week's line-up ~

This cupcake is literally bursting with blueberries!  Blueberry Chardonnay...Blueberry Chardonnay cake, blueberries & cream filling, blueberry frosting & a sugared blueberry on top.

This cupcake started out as a vanilla bean pistachio until Kara had a yummy idea to add lots of caramel to the top and it became, Vanilla Caramel Pistachio ... Vanilla bean cake, filled with pistachio mascarpone mousse, topped with vanilla frosting, salted pistachios & caramel.   I was feeling a little insecure about how customers would respond to the pistachios, but after a tasting with a bride I settled down.  She came in 100% certain she wanted a chocolate wedding cake.  Then she ate this cupcake and decided she wanted a vanilla caramel, pistachio cake :)

This is crumbly apple pie disguised as a cupcake...Vanilla crumble cake, filled with spiced apple "sauce", topped with cinnamon glaze and a bit of vanilla frosting

And another one of Kevin's wacky cupcake flavors, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bananas Foster (so good!)...Chocolate cake, filled with bananas that have been fried in rum, butter & brown sugar, topped with peanut butter & chocolate frosting.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to connect with Allie Marie Smith (whom I completely adore!) and she took this shot of the whole line-up.

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