Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Pepita Cake
Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 12:27PM
amber VanderVliet
I love (really really love) pomegranates.  I love how they taste and how the seeds look like little shiny jewels.  We have a pomegranate tree in our yard and my daughter and I wait all year for the poms to start falling from the tree.  While they are in season, I'd have pomegranate cupcakes on our menu every week, if it were up to me, but I'm not sure everyone loves them as much as Opal & I do.  Before the season ends, I had to make something special with them.
I started with a dark chocolate pomegranate pepita bark, which was super simple to make and only required 3 ingredients...dark chocolate, pomegranate seeds and pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

I simply melted chopped dark chocolate over a water bath and then spread it on a sheet pan over parchement paper.  Then I sprinkled on the pom & pepitas and let it cool.
The sweetness of the chocolate was a really yummy balance with the tartness of the pom seeds and hint of saltiness from the pepitas.  
While the bark was cooling, I made a 4" chocolate cake, filled with fudge and frosted with chocolate buttercream...
...and then topped it with the bark.

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